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Premium Chernobyl zone tour with English Guides

Chernobyl zone has attracted tourists for many years as it is one of the mysterious places in the world. We offer an exciting trip to the exclusion zone. You get a chance to stroll around Pripyat town and Chernobyl power plant in particular. During the excursion you will learn the history of the events that happened after the catastrophe. You will also see the “Sarkofag” that hides the reactor, “dead town” Pripyat and a Red forest where trees have become red because of the high radiation level.

Today, it is safer to travel to Chernobyl than to undergo an x-ray. Moreover, don’t lose a chance to feed 3-meter long catfish so take bread with you

Per person Price, $
1 75
2-3 75
4-5 75
6-10 75

Tour highlights

  • Chernobyl zone tour
  • Chernobyl zone tour
  • Chernobyl zone tour
  • Chernobyl zone tour
Hotel pick-up:

Our tour guide will pick you up in the lobby of your hotel or other address you indicate to begin the tour.

Program of the trip:

1. Meeting with the guide in the 30-km zone at the control checkpoint “Dityatki”. Check of the documents, transport and things.

2. A short course about the behavior in the area with radiation danger, use of safety equipment at the time of the excursion to Chernobyl.

3. A Photo-stop at the monument to “People, who saved the world” – brave firefighters of Chernobyl.

4. Visit of the office of the state agency “Chernobyl Interinform”. Here you will receive the most detailed and available information about the works on the liquidation of the catastrophe consequences in the 30-km zone, the most dangerous places, the cemetery of the technique. The forecasts for the future from the specialists will be also interesting.

5. A trip to the 10-km zone through the block-post “Leliv”. You will be impressed by the careful ground ramparts along the road that are lined with signs with a red trefoil in the yellow triangle. These ramparts are places of burials of radio-active and even the whole villages.

6. A Photo-stop next to the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl Power Plant. You will stand next to the main “closed” object of the zone!

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