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Migration services and visa support

Ukraine is an independent state, so every foreigner arriving in the country requires a visa. Before crossing the border of Ukraine it is necessary to decide what type of visa is required. Since 2012 there are three types of visas in the country:


Transition visa (“B”)


Short-term visa (“C”)


Long-term visa (“D”)

The choice of visa depends on the objective of the visit as well as period a foreigner wishes to be in Ukraine. If this period exceeds 90 days, it is advisable to get a temporary residence permit. If a person plans to live in Ukraine, he or she requires a permanent residence permit.

It is not that easy to get a visa as well as deal with other migration problems as these processes are rather painstaking and time-consuming. Moreover, it is necessary to gather a list of documents and solve all the legal issues in the consulate.

If you are a citizen of another country and are going to come in Ukraine, but do not wish to face any of the immigration problems, our agency will be happy to provide you with premium assistance services and help to cope with any immigration issues. Turning to our company for help you not only save your time and nerves but also have more chances to get a visa without any troubles. Our staff is highly professional in any legal matters, so they will do everything possible to achieve a desirable result.

Apart from visa services our company can also be helpful with the following questions:

  • Primary registration in the Ukrainian admission points: filling the registration form with passport data, an immigration card and bringing this information in the corresponding register.
  • The extension of the stay time in the country: receipt of a corresponding stamp in the foreign passport that allows being in the country for a longer period of time and bringing this information into the necessary account form.
  • Work permit: a document that allows aliens to legally work or be temporarily employed on the territory of the state in the particular workplace.
  • Identification number receipt: for Ukrainian registration of people, who are liable to pay fees and taxes as well as other obligatory payments, foreigners require an individual’s identification number.
  • Registration of foreigners’ invitation: residents of Ukraine can get invitations for their foreign friends, colleagues or relatives (any physical and legal persons) that are executed by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

All of these papers require knowledge of the Ukrainian legal system so if you do not want to struggles with frequent obstacles on your way to the necessary document, entrust its receipt to our specialists. They are experts with the experience of dealing with the representatives of the Ministries of Internal and Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of justice. Our experts will render quality and operative services as well as offer you assistance in such areas as migration law, permits, licenses, certifications etc. Turning to our agency you will receive:

Migration services and visa support

A high-quality consultation on the topic;

Migration services and visa support

Services in preparation of the required package of documents;

Migration services and visa support

Delivery of the documents to and from the site;

Migration services and visa support

Solution of any migration questions;

Migration services and visa support

Pleasant experience of the entrance and stay in Ukraine.