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Kiev tourist attractions

Kiev has received a title of one of the most beautiful European capitals many years ago and it still honorably holds it. It is not only an old historical site but also a green and modern city. It combines a variety of opposites being noisy and silent, modern and ancient, amusing and outrageous at the same time. But the most attractive thing that appeals to numerous guests of the Ukrainian capital is its variety of magnificent sights that draw millions of people from different corners of the world like a magnet.

Types of tourist attractions in Kiev

Kiev is a very versatile city. It has something to show and be appreciated for everyone. No matter what type of tourism a person prefers, Kiev will meet expectations of everyone. There is a majority of attractions types including:

kiev nature

1. Nature and environment

Kiev deserves to be called the greenest capital of Europe. There is a variety of parks, green zones, recreational areas, botanical gardens, colorful flowerbeds despite the urban character of the city. The view of the Dnipro river and adjusting territories is breathtaking. There is a wonderful zoo, a great botanical garden with rare and unique plants and many other interesting natural sights to visit.

olimpiyskiy stadion kiev

2. Sports

In Kiev, you can go in different kinds of sports. One of the largest stadiums of Ukraine named Olimpiyskiy is located in the heart of the capital. There are numerous professional football pitches, gyms, tennis courts. Vast waters of the Dnipro are perfect for water sports too. Yachting, rowing, swimming are only some of them.

Ukrainian cuisine borsh

3. Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and takes its origins hundreds of years ago. It is incredibly delicious, while chefs of Kiev restaurants and cafes also make the dishes look like masterpieces. The capital can boast the best restaurants of the country where you can try traditional Ukrainian dishes: borshch, varenyky, holubtsi etc. You also will be offered to try renowned strong beverages gorilka or samogon too.

kiev architecture and arts

4. Architecture and Arts

Being a cultural capital as well the city offers numerous opportunities to enjoy masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and many other arts. The center of the city is full of various architectural monuments including magnificent cathedrals and churches, streets with historical value (Khreshchatyk, Andriyivsky Uzviz), monuments and fountains, posh theatres, art galleries and exclusive creations like House with Chimaeras, Friendship of Nations Arch, Mother Motherland, Park of Miniatures etc.

ukraine history

5. History

Travelling to Kiev, Ukraine, tourist attractions that tell the history of the region can not be omitted too. The capital has dozens of museums that focus on different periods of the Ukrainian history. There is not any spot in the city without some interesting history or legend, so guests have an opportunity to learn many new facts from the Ukrainian history if hire professional guides.

kievo pecherska lavra

6. Customs and traditions, religion

Ukraine is a country with a diversity of customs and traditions. You can get acquainted with them in Kiev in particular. It holds regular traditional festivals and offers unique sights that will shed light on their diversity. Expressive folk music, embroidery, potting are only some of the precious stones in the large jewelry collection.The capital of the religious monuments can boast one of the oldest in the world Christian monasteries and caves - Kiev Pechersk Lavra and many other magnificent churches and cathedrals scattered around the city.

extreme in Kiev

7. Hunt for adrenalin

Visitors, who look for tourist attractions in Kiev, Ukraine that will make their blood run faster are also welcomed in the city. You can start with Hydropark, a leisure park on the bank of the Dnipro, with exciting attractions both on the ground and water. There is an opportunity to climb on the top of the highest monument in Europe - Mother Motherland, or cross the river feeling like a bird - riding on the rope. The underground world of the capital is even more adventurous and mysterious.