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Is it safe to visit Chernobyl?

is it safe to visit chernobyl?

This question was not asked by anyone until 1986 when the tragedy at the nuclear power plant took place. Chernobyl used to be a small town in the north of Ukraine with a powerful plant that produced energy. Today the question “is Chernobyl safe to visit” is a frequently asked one as after many years of the catastrophe this town welcomes tourists again. Many people come to visit Chernobyl safe tourist path and see the dead city from the inside of the prohibited zone. There is a big number of people, who desire to feel the unique atmosphere of this place. Safe if knowledgeable

inside chernobyl city

The answer to the question “is it safe to enter Chornobyl” is simple. Yes, you can make a trip to the place that is highly radioactive in some of its parts and make Chernobyl visit safe if you follow the only right route. There are still areas with high radiation and the dose received within these areas can influence your health badly. But organized excursions with experienced guides will do no harm to your health as the way has been paved for several years and each centimeter of this path has been checked for radiation not once. You will see with your own eyes that radiation level within the path area can be even lower than in some cities of Ukraine.

Reasons to visit Chernobyl

Chernobyl is not open for everyone who wishes to enter it. You need to schedule your visit to the zone as well as be accompanied by a professional guide not to get lost or go off the path. Tourists also have to measure radiation level at the entrance to the city and leaving it. It is forbidden to take anything with you when you set off home after the trip as even a small trifle can result in poor health conditions in some time. This unique journey can’t leave anyone indifferent as seeing the consequences of the explosion as well as a nuclear reactor in close proximity is more than impressive. It carves in the memory for years and it is difficult to believe that it still has an enormous impact on our lives.

inside chernobyl radioactive zone