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Can I visit Chernobyl today in 2017

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More than 20 years have passed after the catastrophe at Chernobyl nuclear plant, but its influence is still noticeable. 20 years for an ordinary person is a long period of time while it may be almost nothing for radiation. However, all these years the prohibited area around the plant has been analyzed and researched by the scientists, who made a conclusion - there are territories without radioactive elements and that was the first stage to let people step on this ground again.

Today the answer to the question “can you visit Chernobyl now” is positive without any doubts. The prohibited zone was opened to tourists not so long ago and only partially, but even a possibility to see everything with your own eyes must be appreciated

How to visit Chernobyl

Chernobyl tourist information

The procedure of going to this tourist destination differs from customary travels. You can enter the zone only as a member of the group that has organized a trip in advance. Not every travel agency will respond “yes” to the question “can we visit Chernobyl?” as there are only several authorized companies that have a right to organize such excursions. When you order a tour in such company as ours you shouldn’t look for ways how to visit Pripyat or search an acknowledge guide asking “can anyone visit Chernobyl with us”, everything is included in the tourist itinerary.

Why is Chernobyl worth visiting

At the time when some tourists try to answer the question “can you visit Chernobyl”, the others do not realize what can force a person to order a trip there.

  • Aren’t you a fan of horror films?
  • Don’t you believe that something completely invisible can kill people like ants?
  • Are there places on the earth where human’s foot has not stepped for years?

These are only some of the questions that will get a full answer behind the fence surrounding the radioactive zone. Devasted houses, abnormal animals and plants, glorious magnificence of the plant cover are only some of the places of interest that wait for you there.

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A trip to the dead town is not advised to sensitive and impressible people as there are things that move to tears at first sight at them. From the other side, it is the only place that can’t be compared with any other tourist destination in the world. A visit to Chernobyl region is a guarantee of unforgettable and memorable recollections for the rest of your life. If you still wonder “Can tourists visit Chernobyl”, there is only one right answer: not only can, but should do that. Such impressions can be hardly compared with anything else, so do not lose a chance to get an abundance of emotions.