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Best bars of Kiev according to locals

Do you want to turn a regular Friday night into a real party, but do not know the right place to go? For your convenience we have created the list of the most popular bars in Kiev locals would go to. Choose the one (or a couple) you like the most and party hard!

Pink Freud

Pink Freud bar inside
Pink Freud bar logo

This bar has an absolutely incredible location. Even two. First, you need to pass an arch decorated with graffiti - Freud's images in various forms. Then you will come to an isolated courtyard. The central place here is given to the bar, to be give the visitors an opportunity to observe the actions of the bartenders. There is the real fountain nearby. In the inner hall is a second bar and kitchen. «Pink Freud» also has a very unusual bar menu.

Recommended coctails by locals:

"Asia Sour"

"Tantric sex Bannivil"

To Be

To Be bar kiev
To Be bar kiev 2nd

Bar menu can be divided into three sections: the classic recipes, cocktails from all around the world and their own vision of blending alcohol. «To Be» carries educational mission and introduces the guests with cocktails, which are represented in the top bars of the world. They are all collected in a second, so-called "geographical" section.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Paper Plane»

«Berry fix»

PR Bar

PR Bar photo kiev
PR Bar photo 2nd

It is a very cozy bar. Here revere the best bar tradition, but like to experiment, and please visitors with a new flavors and seasonal updates. The perfect place to end the walk along the promenade.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Yuzu Sling»

«Rusty Nail»

Boutiquebar Biancoro

Boutiquebar Biancoro photo inside
Boutiquebar Biancoro photo inside 2

Is a special place due to the main bartender and her team. Her cocktails is a must try in Kiev. She honors the simple lines, minimalism and, as she says, the essence in a glass.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Ramos Fizz»

«Tallinn Grass»

Parovoz Speak Easy

Parovoz Speak Easy bar photo
Parovoz Speak Easy bar photo 2

One of the few places in Kiev, preserving the status quo. It does not need an additional advertising. On weekends all of the 42 seats in the bar are occupied by people who know a lot about high-quality alcohol and rest.

Recommended coctails by locals:



Hendrick’s bar

Hendrick’s bar photo kiev
Hendrick’s bar photo kiev

Hidden from the eyes of passers-by the bar has become popular in a few weeks after opening. Without signs, pointers and geolocation. In «Hendrick's» is the atmosphere of speak easy. The upper level of the restaurant «True Burger Bar» and its basement were separated by a massive door. The idea was born by itself: set the bell and a small lantern and do not hang the sign, thereby giving mystery.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Broken Bronx»

«Cloudy negroni»

Dogs & Tails

Dogs & Tails bar photo kiev
Dogs & Tails bar photo kiev

This bar is an exclusively American story. Furnishing fully reflects the mood of 20-30s: brick walls, columns, high ceilings. The spirit of modernity brought with the help of pictures and video arcade. Bar list meets the highest requirements. Its variety will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Basil daiquiri»

«Chartreuse 75»


THE BAR kiev photo
THE BAR kiev photos

The trick of the bar is that the guests are not sitting just with glasses in their hands. They move through the halls, equipped with bar-style tables on the perimeter. The main purpose - communication without gadgets. This is the place where it is possible and even necessary to discover new alcoholic compounds.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Earl Grey Gimlet»

«Santiago Punch»

Mozgi Bar

Mozgi Bar kiev photo
Mozgi Bar kiev photos

This bar is about music, bar and food. Dizzying atmosphere of one of the coolest bars in Kiev is created by an interior in the style of steampunk. For party lovers there is a separate lounge with DJ place.

Recommended coctails by locals:

«Pepper Hilton»

«Daisy’s Smash»